Video System CCTV

Video System is part of Building Security System or often called people with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) System is a system of Visualization private not to be accessed to people from outside. In general, CCTV is used as a complement to security and is widely used in industries such as hotels, airports, shopping centers, stadiums, offices, factories and even now many housing have used this technology. CCTV is a surveillance equipment that monitors the surroundings through surveillance cameras called CCTV cameras. This tool works to detect all events in the place we want to monitor, without us having to be in that place.

CCTV system is simply a process of transmitting images / video and sound from the Camera to a or a set of monitors or video recorders. Different CCTV with Ordinary TV Although the workings of CCTV cameras are similar to ordinary TVs, transmitting images and sounds to a monitor, but the difference is that regular TV transmissions are publicly accessible and accessible to anyone, while CCTV signals are not transmitted publicly. That’s why in front of it added the word “Closed-Circuit”.

This CCTV camera serves as a picture taking device, there are several types of cameras that distinguish in terms of quality, usage and function 2 things that are most important are, analog CCTV cameras and CCTV Network Camera where analog cameras use one solid cable for every camera that means, every the camera will have to connect to the DVR or system directly while the Camera Network or commonly called IP Camera, can use a network which means it will save in terms of installation because the network is parallel and branched does not require a special cable for each camera in accessing it.

Equipment needed to build Video CCTV System:

1.DVR (Digital Video Recording), is a tool that serves as a controller of Video System CCTV. DVR receives video signal from every CCTV camera, recording and outputting video signal that can be forwarded to Monitor. The current DVR continues to grow and undergoes many improvements to the compression system and comes with many of the latest features. One of them is: DVR equipped with IP-Based technology (Internet Protocol Based), with this feature you can monitor CCTV camera wherever you are.


2.CCTV Camera, is a tool drawing the image / image required Video system CCTV, CCTV camera positioned in the area of ​​the location you want monitored. In general, Analog CCTV Camera requires electric supply or adapter while CCTV IP Camera can function without adapter when it is type PoE (Power Over Ethernet).

3.Hard Disk, is a recording data storage media. This hard disk is mounted inside the DVR, the larger the hard disk capacity allows you to keep the recording longer.

4.Coaxial Cable, is a cable that delivers video signal from CCTV camera to DVR, or from DVR to monitor.

5.Power Cable, required if the included CCTV camera cable is not long enough to reach the nearest power source.

6.BNC Connector, connector mounted on coaxial cable.

7.Accessories such as electric stop contact (male and female), cable tease, clamps and.

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