How to Treat Pimples and Excess Oils in Adult Skin

The surprise of that pimple that appears on the face of a sudden is not something typical only in the lives of adolescents. The adult skin may also have acne, with frames that begin in adulthood. And one of the differences are the types of treatments for each case. Thinking about it, the DermaClub spoke with dermatologist Lilia Guadanhim to understand how to treat adult acne. Check it!

Adult Acne: Understand what causes this skin disease

According to the doctor, adult acne affects women above 25 years and can be persistent – starting in adolescence and on to adulthood – or late onset, after 30 years. “In most cases, the causes are the same as adolescence, such as changing the quality and quantity of skin sebum, inflammation, hyperkeratinization, bacterial colonization, among others. However, the occurrence of the disease is also associated with other reasons, such as obesity, increased hair and menstrual irregularity, which should be investigated as to hormonal changes, “he said.
Discover the difference between adult acne and that occurs in adolescence
. To Dr. Lilia, it is common to teenage acne happen in the T-zone (forehead and nose), while adult acne is usually distributed in U (jaw and chin) therefore has a higher chance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – spots that occur after injuries. “The impact of quality of life in this phase is greater than in adolescence, so it is important that patients are treated properly,” he said.

Learn which healthy treatments for adult acne

The basic treatment strategy is similar for young people but should be individualized. According to the dermatologist, oral treatment may include:

  • hormonal approach: contraceptive and antiandrogenic drugs such as spironolactone;
  • Antibiotics should be used for a maximum of four months;
  • oral isotretinoin: for severe cases, prone to scarring and little response to other modalities,
  • specific cases, such as the occurrence of acne and metabolic syndrome can be treated with metformin.

In addition to conventional treatment, some procedures such as chemical peels, blue LED and red and intense pulsed light can accelerate the improvement and optimize the response of the other care.

Know what are the assets given to treat the skin with adult acne

We know that to maintain skin health needs cares. And when it comes to adult acne frame, would be no different . To the doctor, it is essential to include this routine sunscreen with dry touch and minimum SPF 30, which helps to control oiliness, protects from sunlight and reduce the risk of skin blemishes. Moreover, it is also necessary to use special soaps such as the LHA and containing salicylic acid, for balancing the oiliness without damaging the face. As for specific treatments, they are indicated retinoids, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
“Products drier having active such as salicylic acid, and anti-inflammatory agents, such as niacinamide, they are also useful. As for hydration, recommend non-greasy, because it restores the skin barrier and increase tolerance to conventional treatment, “he said.
* Experts dermatologists are referred to as journalistic sources and do not use this space to promote any product or brand. To find out what is the optimal treatment for your skin, see a dermatologist of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.


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