Planning a Better Plastic Surgery Before You Read This preemptively

In Indonesia regulations concerning plastic surgery has been regulated in Law No. 23 of 1992 which explained that plastic surgery is one of a series of medical procedures performed to restore the person’s physical condition on the condition of the body including cosmetic plastic surgery and aesthetic.

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Facts indicate abuse by certain persons or beauty salon practices which do not have the authority to conduct Plastic Surgery. While the right advice Plastic Surgery is the place of practice, kelli giddish plastic surgery . The specialist Plastic Surgery, General Hospital and Specialty Hospital of Plastic Surgery.

Various negative effects of plastic surgery:

1.Efek side anesthesia
In any surgical procedure, including plastic surgery, anesthesia is needed or it could be called a sedative so that the patient does not feel pain during surgery knife slashing their skin. But keep in mind that any anesthesia have side effects such as damage to the brain, nerves, temporary paralysis, narrowing of the airways, and heart attack patient’s sensitivity depending on the substance.

Some time after surgery, patients will usually experience bleeding that can lead to complications stage if it does not immediately stop. Blood clotting happens afterwards will also make the skin color to blue-black or purple called a hematoma, hematoma sustained can make skin tissue dies and causes other problems such as infection more severe.

3.Bekas wound
Please note that on each operation process, the doctor should be sewed back part slashed, and it will result in significantly nekas which appear in our face. These scars are difficult to remove unless we do care, as well as other expensive fees that can remove these scars.

4. Did not suit
Impacts of the most troubling of plastic surgery procedures of the face is the end result which is not satisfactory, use an expensive doctor was not necessarily guarantee success in the operation uah se beautify our face.

Some Hollywood artists and famous public figures also had plastic surgery failure that ultimately load they regret having done so, the lips become too thick or too pointy nose that would make us look very fake and looks like a transvestite.

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