Models dresses: Learn how to combine them in different occasions

Feminine and versatile, the dress appears in numerous models, which can become more or less popular according to the seasons and trends. A major advantage of this piece is to facilitate the time of production since few items are needed to complete it.

However, despite the convenience, there are some factors that should be considered before mounting a look with the dress. “It all depends on the fabric and print,” says image consultant Did Bastos. “The long straight is the most traditional parties as to the prints tend to leave less formal look,” he explains.

From this, it is also worth knowing the characteristics of the most popular dresses models and how often used in casual and formal productions.

Casual dresses

For those who like to wear dresses even on occasions that do not ask for much formality or rigorous dress, there are some more unpretentious and lightweight models, suitable for most everyday moments, which can be exploited by people of different styles and tastes from combinations accessories and shoes.


With inspired style shirts, chemise dress may seem more serious than it is. The secret of this type of play is to bet on more relaxed combinations, leaving the lighter and delicate look. “Use the wide open top buttons with a lacy tank top underneath; supplement with a belt, espadrilles feet, and a large bag, “suggests the consultant.

Shorter chemises may also be combined with shorts shorter length in order to ensure a little more comfort at the time of moving.

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