Here’s Facial Plastic Surgery Arts Not Manicured 2 Years

Sure, plastic surgery to make the face more beautiful and smooth, but only within two years, the face of this beautiful model to be worse. Gee, wonder ya, how did it happen?

plastic surgery results

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It is no secret if plastic surgery becomes a shortcut to be beautiful. The artists and famous people not shy anymore to admit if they had plastic surgery. Even many ordinary women who perform plastic surgery to be easy to work, easy to mate and create confidence. Unfortunately, the story of plastic surgery not as beautiful as this one results in the initial operation.

Li Ying Zhi is a model of China are known to have natural beauty. But two years ago, the media in China aggressively reported that Li Ying Zhi had to do plastic surgery on the face and chest. Li Ying Zhi chest looked more solid and shaped while wearing a low V collar dress. In addition, the public finds the eyes and chin Li Ying Zhi changed. The model was more beautiful after plastic surgery. Career Li Ying Zhi also more shine after rumors of plastic surgery done.

But .. the results of plastic surgery is not always survive. Just two years after the heavily reported, Li Ying Zhi face began to change. Part chin is very strange and unnatural. Even in an event seemed to face Li Ying Zhi looked much older than his actual age. Even when compared with Li Ying Zhi face before plastic surgery, face without plastic surgery is much more attractive than it is now.

It did not take dozens of years to see the results of plastic surgery setback, because in just two years, it turns out plastic surgery is not always pretty timeless effect.

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