4 Awesome Ways to Use Day Long Dress

For those who like comfort and elegance even during the summer, the tip is to wear long dress day.

But, you know how to use this piece of nothing obvious way and that enhances your body?

If you do not know the tricks for styling this piece read on and be surprised with 9 unusual ways to use the longer dresses. His looks may be elegant and distinguished.

1. Marking waist

One of the constraints that many women have with the long dress is that generally, this is a more fluid and loose part of the body.

However, you can add a belt piece leaving the nearest body and with a lot more style.

In the case of those who are slimmer, the belt can be of a contrasting color. For those with a few extra pounds, be sure to use a belt that is the same color of the piece to create a visual unity making his finest image visually.


2. Breaking the seriousness of the piece

One of the trends stronger is currently promoting in the meeting looks sophisticated pieces with other casual.

If you have a party to go during the day and wanted to wear a long dress can use it along with another casual piece, like tennis.

The look of the photo is a great example because in addition to making this long velvet dress for the day, also has the updater trends that is white sneakers.

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3. With floral print

Another way to use long dress day is to choose pieces with prints more cheerful. The prints of flowers are the most democratic in this regard because women, who wish to make your body look slimmer visually, you can bet on the pattern of choice with small elements.

If the pattern of the flowers is small will generate a more interesting visual effect for your body.


4. Monochrome

For those who want the comfort of long dress for a casual day at the company, the tip is to bet on a monochrome part.

Generally, we associate the idea of a long dress with colorful and loud prints, but it need not necessarily be so.

Parts of a single color are quite interesting because they add to the visual sobriety. To work, the tip is to choose a dress with more structured fabric that will not mark the body too.

Source: onetrend.info

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