3 Curious Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

Do not worry about possible smell of vinegar, since once dry, it disappears, and because of this can be used on surfaces you want

Apple cider vinegar is a very popular product in the houses, as has been used for centuries as an ingredient in natural remedies, recipes and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

It is noteworthy for its large content of organic acids and antioxidant compounds which, together, help to prevent and treat various diseases.

It also has an interesting amount of vitamins and minerals which, among other things, are utilized for cosmetic purposes.

The most interesting is that it is very economical if compared with other commercial products, and its versatility, can facilitate us in many tasks.

not tested apple cider vinegar yet? Next we want to share 5 curious ways to get more out of this product at home.

It is wonderful!

1. mouthwash

For its acid content and natural antibacterial compounds, apple cider vinegar is an ideal product to replace the commercial mouthwash.

Its compounds neutralize the action of bacteria that cause bad breath and also prevent the infections.

2. Conditioner for hair

Your hair looks dull and lifeless? Give a bright aspect to it!

The vitamins and minerals contained in this natural product are ideal for restoring hair beauty without having to spend on expensive products.

Its regular use controls frizz and prevents problems like dandruff and excessive shedding.

3. Multipurpose Disinfectant

If you do not want to use harsh chemicals when cleaning your home, choose to prepare their own ecological disinfectant with apple cider vinegar.

This product has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help keep them clean and free spaces of harmful microorganisms.

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